Rinck: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine | ISBN 9783746095189 | 12th edition of the primer of TRTF/EMRF.

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12th edition • 2018
Completely revised, updated and enlarged.

Peter A. Rinck
A Critical Introduction
The Basic Textbook of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum

432 pages, 335 illustrations, many in color; 36 tables.
Hardcover with ribbon marker.
Published by BoD, Germany. ISBN 978-3-7460-9518-9
Price approx. € 142.00

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Originally developed in the laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Paul C. Lauterbur in the early 1980s, the 12th edition (2018) of this standard textbook has been completely revised, updated, and new critical remarks and comments were added.

The author, Peter A. Rinck, is one of the pioneers of nuclear magnetic resonance in medicine and of magnetic resonance imaging.

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Opinions about the last printed edition of the book:

Radiology: "One of the most lucid and best illustrated introductory MR texts."

European Radiology: "An outstanding book, an excellent well-proven didactic approach."

Journal of Magnetic Resonance imaging (JMRI): "The book more than fulfills its attempted purpose."

Amazon Review: "This text is by far the best treatise of MRI at the basic level."

Academic Radiology: "In summary, it is not only an ideal first text, but it's a bargain."

Fortschr Röntgenstr (RöFo): "In fact, an MR expert has finally succeeded in putting himself in the MR beginner's shoes, explaining the necessary basic knowledge in a very vivid and entertaining way."

The author: "The perfect book for those wanting to do research and needing to check or refresh the basics and recent developments."

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