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Acronyms and Abbreviations



G [1] Gauss; [2] gradient
Gd gadolinium
GE gradient echo (preferred acronym: GRE)
GFE gradient field echo
GFEC gradient field echo with contrast
GM gray matter
GMN gradient moment nulling
GRAPPA generalized autocalibration partially parallel acquisition
GRASE gradient and spin echo
GRASS gradient-recalled acquisition in the steady state
GRE gradient echo (as 'generic' name); gradient-recalled echo
GRE-EPI gradient-recalled echo echo planar imaging
GREC gradient field echo with contrast
GRECO gradient-recalled echo
GRECHO gradient-recalled echo

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H [1] magnetic field strength; [2] hydrogen
H1 main magnetic field that the spins experience after an RF pulse (historical term)
HASTE half-Fourier acquisition single-shot turbo spin-echo
He helium
HU Hounsfield unit

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I, J

IR inversion recovery
IR FGR inversion recovery fast gradient-recalled acquisition in the steady state
ISIS image selective in-vivo spectroscopy
IUD intra-uterine device
IVIM intra-voxel incoherent motion

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K potassium

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L lithium
LL Look and Locker (T1 estimation technique)

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M magnetization
MAST motion artifact suppression technique
MBEST modulus-blipped echo-planar single pulse technique
MDEFT modified driven-equilibrium Fourier transform
MEG magnetoencephalogram
MESS multi-echo single shot
MION mono-crystalline iron oxide nano-compound
mIP minimum intensity projection
MIP maximum intensity projection
MLSI multiple line-scan imaging
Mn manganese
MOLLI modified LL IR technique
MOTSA multiple overlapping thin-slabs acquisition
MPGR multiplanar gradient-recalled
MPIO micron-size particles of iron oxide
MPR multiplanarar reconstruction
MP-RAGE magnetization-prepared rapid gradient echo
MR magnetic resonance
MRA MR angiography
MRCP MR cholangio-pancreatography
MRI MR imaging
MRI fast low-angle recalled echo
MRM MR mammography
MRR MR relaxometry
MRS MR spectroscopy
MRSI MR spectroscopic imaging
MSE multiple spin echo
MT magnetization transfer
MTC magnetization transfer contrast
MTT mean transit time

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Na sodium
NEX number of excitations
NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
NMRD nuclear magnetic resonance dispersion
NOE nuclear Overhauser effect
NSA number of signals averaged