Magnetic Resonance Imaging | MR - MRI | Basics, Principles, Facts, History | The primer of TRTF/EMRF | A peer-reviewed, critical introduction.

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This e-Textbook is part of the e-Learning Program of EMRF, the European Magnetic Resonance Forum under the auspices of TRTF, The Round Table Foundation.

Citation rule: Rinck PA. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. The Basic Textbook of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum. 8th edition; 2014. Electronic version 8.2.

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spaceholder gray 00  Foreword

spaceholder red 01  Introductory Fundamentals: Magnetism and Electricity
spaceholder red 02  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
spaceholder red 03  Instrumentation
spaceholder red 04  Relaxation Times and Basic Pulse Sequences
spaceholder red 05  Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
spaceholder red 06  Image Formation
spaceholder red 07  Image Data Transformation: k-Space
spaceholder red 08  Rapid Imaging
spaceholder red 09  Fundamentals of Image Characteristics: The MR Image
spaceholder red 10  Image Contrast
spaceholder red 11  Advanced Imaging and Contrast Concepts
spaceholder red 12  Contrast Agent Fundamentals: More Magnetism
spaceholder red 13  Contrast Agents
spaceholder red 14  From Bulk Flow to MR Angiography and Cardiac MR
spaceholder red 15  Image Processing and Visualization
spaceholder red 16  Dynamic Imaging
spaceholder red 17  Common Artifacts in MR Imaging
spaceholder red 18  Safety of Patients and Personnel

spaceholder blue 19  Non-Medical Applications of NMR and MRI

spaceholder orange 20  The History of MR Imaging
spaceholder orange 21  MR Imaging: Facts and Figures

spaceholder green 22  Glossary
spaceholder green 23  Abbreviations and Acronyms
spaceholder green 24  References

spaceholder gray 25  Disclaimer

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